Buyer Registration

The Future For Baby Show is a wholesale environment and is only open to the trade. Admission is free to qualified buyers. In order to attend the show, you must submit our registration form and provide any necessary documentation as detailed below. 

Baby’s only in baby carriers are permitted at the show.

Badges will be picked up at the event.

Retailers & E-Commerce Sellers

In order for your registration to be approved, you must submit the following:

- Copy of your online registration

- Business card

- A copy of your current resale tax certificate, business license or store leave (first page & signature page). 

- A photo of the store front clearly showing your store sign (name & logo).

- Company paycheque stub or cancelled payroll check for each employee

- All persons attending our event must register and be prepared to present documents that "authenticate" their Retail Location or E-Commerce Establishment if asked to do so.