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January TBD 9am - 6pm

January TBD 9am - 6pm

January TBD 9am - 1pm

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Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre 

655 Dixon Road

Toronto, Ontario

M9W 1J3

Ph: 1 - (416) 244 - 1711

Show / Setup Dates and Information

ALL EXHIBITORS MUST CONTACT Pro X Event to either have them receive your show shipments in advance and deliver to the show or to set a time for your delivery to the show hotel site.  They will act as Dock Master at the Hotel.

If you use Pro X your product will be waiting for you in your booths.

Please reach out to Pro X Event for to set up a time slot for your booth deliveries and your booth set up.

- IMPORTANT … Please contact Pro X Event ahead of your arrival to the hotel to determine if your booth is ready for you to set up or personally deliver goods to your booth.

NEW ... as previously stated, should you decide to ship direct to the hotel please contact PRO X for appointment time…

- Goods can only be received at the hotel on January TBA and TBA 2024. 


- All products must be clearly marked with your Company Name and your Booth number on all packages otherwise they cannot be accepted by the hotel.

- Contact Pro X Event for all your booth needs including displays.

- Electrical is arranged through Pro X Event.

- Pro X Event is the official Display Company for the Future for Baby Show – no other display company is contracted.

Pro X Event Contacts: 

Lorelei Daley

Office: 1 (888) 996-7769 or 1 (905) 696 - 0993

Cell: 1 (416) 885 - 1658


Misc. Notes

- The Future for Baby Show will not be held liable or responsible for any lost or stolen merchandise or personal belongings during the entire event nor responsible for any injuries that may occur during the entire event inclusive of setup/teardown days.

- NO retailers are permitted in your booths during show set-up.

- Babies in Baby Carriers only are permitted into the show. No Strollers.

- No Children under 14 years of age permitted in the show unless working in booths.

- Absolutely NO Alcohol in your booth or on the show floor unless arranged with the Hotel.

Badge Colours



Lunch Service:


Show Set Up Hours:

We will have a limited amount of car parking passes for move-in on Friday January TBD,

and Saturday January TBD, 2024.

See Greg Weber in the Registration Area after 10am each day.

January TBD, 2024 - 9am - 9am (check with Pro X Event on your booth space availability ahead of time)

January TBD, 2024 - 9am - 8pm (check with Pro X Event ahead of time on your booth space)

Booths must be completed by 8 PM on January TBD, 2024

Show Hours:

January TBD, 2024… 9am – 6pm

January TBD, 2024… 9am – 6pm

January TBD, 2024… 9am – 1pm (Show closes at 1pm)

Coat racks available on both floors, we are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Show Tear Down:

- Show ends at 1pm on January TBD, 2024.

- Goods must be removed from the show by 12 Midnight on January TBD, 2024.

- If you are unable to have your goods out of the hotel in time please arrange with Pro X Event to have them take your items to their facility for pick up.

- Upon special request (see Pro X Event) we can have a few skids and/or crates held in the loading area of the hotel for pick up in the morning of January TBD  2024 by 10am.



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